Lately, things have given me reason to ponder about choices,; hence the title–Planned or Spontaneous.

Some days it seems that everything goes according to a plan. That chart of chores gets finished. Items are checked off the list. My bright, multi-coloured mind map is completed!

Mind map progress!

Other times, the best laid plans really do go in opposite directions. What to do?

Well, going for a walk usually helps me sort out issues.

Writing about matters always helps too.

Planning ahead works at times but life experience says that we have to be spontaneous on other occasions.

We have to be ready for this new-fallen snow or other surprises.

When you look at each day, what works for you?

Fresh coat of snow!

Are you planned ahead for weeks at a time? Are you spontaneous? Great to read some comments on this! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Such an intentional way to live! Thank you for sharing your ways. I’m a short-list-er. A list of what needs to be accomplished within the week and I joy in the moment of the big “checks,” in completing each task. So fulfilling. Things that I should plan I often do not and so when the time comes if it is important enough to me I scramble and make it happen. Probably not my strongest quality. :)


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