Green leaves with purple flowers dot the landscape these days. Although some grow in a perennial garden, as planned, others have set out on paths of their own. These winsome little blossoms grow beneath the concrete step into the car garage. Not being a fastidious gardener, I will leave them to finish their blooming season.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and these violets bring to mind memories of other flowers that were constants in the scenery of my childhood:

  • pink petunias
  • red geraniums
  • yellow roses
  • pink and white peonies
  • white lilies of the valley
  • purple lilacs
To this day, the scent of a lilac or the bloom of a red geranium brings back thoughts of those days when flowers brightened the rural setting of our red brick house. Oops, I almost forgot, the perpetual shamrock tended by my Mother throughout the year.
I have to admit that sometimes, as a child, I used to wonder about why it was so important to take such care of these plants from season to season, taking pots of flowers indoors, thinning out others. As I grew older, I realized  how much these plants served to rejuvenate the people, like my Mother, who planted and trimmed them. They give a balance to the everyday, it seems.
Today, flowers are all set for another season of growth in the neighbourhood, all around the community .
Do you have a garden this year? Does a garden have a place in your now or then? Enjoy!


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  1. elliewilson May 8, 2012 at 5:42 PM

    Thanks for your pingback. I still don’t totally understand how all this works, but you have a nice blog, and I love the violet picture.

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  2. Patricia Anne McGoldrick May 8, 2012 at 6:36 PM

    Thanks, Ellie. With the linking system of the Internet, I was able to locate relevant posts to list for my blog readers! Yours appealed to me. glad you like the violets!

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