Do you try to escape civilization or to make peace with it?  asks Margo Roby in her poetry prompt at

Roby’s question set me to thinking.

Living in a rapidly growing region, with downsizing on the horizon, this choice of settings weighs strongly in planning for the future.

The “plan” involves moving from a rather large two-storey house to a much smaller bungalow. Alas, for younger members of the boomer generation, many of the bungalows are already taken.

Fortunately, I live in a house surrounded by older trees — maple, birch, evergreen, mountain ash and more. A walk in the neighbourhood can take me past a pond with a small forest of century old trees. Going in another direction, parkland and soccer fields stretch out for the community to use. The houses are a few decades old so the landscape is seasoned with flowers and gardens of various sorts.

Looking out from the deck behind the house I see trees covered with leaves and beautiful evergreens as well. Rooftops peek through but mostly it is a land and sky scape that nourishes my spirits every day. In the winter, the skeletons of the same trees are a wonder to see through the window against the backdrop of white.


daily view from decks

trees and branches fill landscape

framing urban bliss.

© 2014 by Patricia A. McGoldrick

Overall, these views create a balance for me, between the urban and the rural, populated centres and the wilderness.

Without the trees, not sure if I would be content for long amidst a growing city. Peace!


It is Friday. In Canada, we are looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving. It is a special long weekend in autumn with so many blessings in life. Granted, not everything that we experience is a blessing but, hopefully, most of us have something for which to be grateful — people, pets, places and more.

There will be many photos taken this week as people gather to give thanks and to share the bounty of the harvest. Trees are flaunting their autumn shades of red, orange, yellow just in time to enjoy on a drive to close up the cottage or during a walk in the neighbourhood.

As it is Friday, I, also, look forward to The Daily Post photo challenge. The theme for this week is Dreamy!  Often, there is a moment to capture in a photo that rings true for the ongoing cycles of life and living. At times, it can seem almost, you guessed it, dreamy!

After reading the post, considering the theme, one of my spring photos came to mind. On May 10, 2014, it was, to me, another cool spring day. This year’s spring-like weather was tainted with the coolness of winter. However, that did not stop the ducks returning from their winter hideaways. Annually, a couple of ducks land in our backyard pool, even before it is reopened. This year, I managed to get a few photos of the visitors that sometimes nest in the surrounding shrubs. No little ducklings this year but I did get a photo that had a dream-like quality and I am sharing it today for the theme. With apologies to the experts, this blogging amateur fan of the visual, saw in the the finished dreamy photo setting a Monet-like backgrounder to frame this vibrant spring arrival.

Perhaps the duck was dreaming of the day when this pool would be renewed for another season. I don’t know. In the meantime, he may be dreaming of warmer temperatures. Maybe he came back to Ontario too soon.



Wherever your dreams take you on this autumn weekend, depending on your hemispheric location, best to all. Thanks so much for dropping by to read my blog!

Also, I would like to thank Tammie Lister for designing this new WordPress theme, Harmonic. :)