Refraction is this week’s Photo Challenge, one that led me to some photos that I took a winter or two ago.

To be honest, I am not a fan of math and physics and winter; however, the beauty of all is shown to me each year during those months of cold and snow. Through the dining room window, I can see the shadowy fingers of winter stretching across the back yard.

The beauty of it all has even inspired a poem or two such as this one included here:

Observations on a Kitchen Window*

On the sliding glass panes

above the stainless steel sink

There is a pattern

So precise in its definition—

Trapezoids and squares and angular gizmos

All crisp in their glory

Set in their rays, just

Defying the January sun

To start a meltdown!

© Patricia A. McGoldrick

Note: *Originally Published under my married name Patricia McGoldrick Goldberg © 2000

in textshop #7 Spring 2000 p.56. Republished in Frost and Foliage Anthology 2009, p. 10.

Have a great weekend, all!






Do you try to escape civilization or to make peace with it?  asks Margo Roby in her poetry prompt at

Roby’s question set me to thinking.

Living in a rapidly growing region, with downsizing on the horizon, this choice of settings weighs strongly in planning for the future.

The “plan” involves moving from a rather large two-storey house to a much smaller bungalow. Alas, for younger members of the boomer generation, many of the bungalows are already taken.

Fortunately, I live in a house surrounded by older trees — maple, birch, evergreen, mountain ash and more. A walk in the neighbourhood can take me past a pond with a small forest of century old trees. Going in another direction, parkland and soccer fields stretch out for the community to use. The houses are a few decades old so the landscape is seasoned with flowers and gardens of various sorts.

Looking out from the deck behind the house I see trees covered with leaves and beautiful evergreens as well. Rooftops peek through but mostly it is a land and sky scape that nourishes my spirits every day. In the winter, the skeletons of the same trees are a wonder to see through the window against the backdrop of white.


daily view from decks

trees and branches fill landscape

framing urban bliss.

© 2014 by Patricia A. McGoldrick

Overall, these views create a balance for me, between the urban and the rural, populated centres and the wilderness.

Without the trees, not sure if I would be content for long amidst a growing city. Peace!