Julia Roberts eats, prays and searches for love

Yesterday was a movie day– went to see Eat-Pray-Love at a local theater.
Even though I did not stay with the book as a spring or summer read, I was pleasantly surprised by the film interpretation. Of course, the addition of songs by Neil Young and Eddie Vedder were a plus to the production.

Overall, the movie appeals to the senses, with color, sound, emotional outbursts; there is everything from bubbling water and asparagus crunch to prayerful chanting, Julia Roberts with her legendary laughter and much more.

Identity and personhood–regardless of marital status and sometimes because of that tie– these themes are key to the year-long search by Liz, the main character of this bio pic. At one point, she is labeled as “a woman in search of a word”. How true!

As the geography changes throughout the film, so do the celebrations and discoveries. An American Thanksgiving, re-invented in Italy, is a time of realization and gratitude for so many blessings, a theme that has a universal appeal.

The spiritual search is ongoing from New York to the Eternal City in Italy, to India and Bali. Processing and releasing guilt over the past is an essential part of the pilgrimage to inner healing and freedom.

Without giving any spoilers, here, Julia Roberts, in her inimitable way, comes through as a convincing portrait of a woman in search of herself and a word. This movie is worth a view. Enjoy.


On this Labor Day long weekend, so much to be thankful for in the bounty around us–harvest at home!

Author: Patricia McGoldrick

Poet Writer Reviewer Environment, Nature, Agriculture, People, and History are favorite topics to write about. Upcycling materials into handmade books is a fun challenge!

7 thoughts on “Julia Roberts eats, prays and searches for love”

  1. I love Julia Roberts and anything to do with Italy, so this sounds like a must see. A Netflix pizza date with my sweetie will be perfect.

    Thank for the suggestion.



  2. Marie Elena, the movie was an end-of-the-summer kind of event for us.
    On the way home, we picked up some pizza dough; then we made the most delicious pizza pie all decked out with orange and yellow peppers, red onions, some garlic, pepperoni slices. Of course, some freshly chopped basil leaves from the container garden on our deck made a perfect finish for this masterpiece!
    It was a fun way to note the passing of another beautiful summer!

    Patricia 🙂


  3. Patricia, thank you for pointing me in this direction. New York, Italy, love, prayer, music, Julia Roberts, “a woman in search of a word,” spiritual journey … your post gives me the desire to both read the book and see the movie. It isn’t often that a movie grips me more than a book, so you have peaked my interest. 😉


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