November is passing by quickly–into the second week now!
If you are concerned about accomplishing all that you want to do for the remainder of November, make a plan for the month!
Mind map November! If you are unfamiliar with mind mapping, here is a link for you to check.
This strategy, developed by Tony Buzan http://www.thinkbuzan.com/uk/home and others, is useful for organizing your thoughts and ideas. With the use of color and branching out into various directions from a central idea or topic, it seems to inspire creativity. The site offers a free download of the current iMind Map, with limitations.
Suggestion: If you would like to try out the mind mapping process, take out a piece of paper, some markers and think about a special topic, such as Remembrance Day, which is coming up this week. What does Remembrance Day mean to you?
In the center of your page, print the topic; then, using various colors, branch out in 3 or 4 directions of related thoughts. These will lead to more items–memories, history, images. Before you know it you have a mind map “picture” of what Remembrance Day means.
After that is finished, try out the free download–see if you like to use that format.
Give it a try.



Author: Patricia McGoldrick

Poet Writer Reviewer Environment, Nature, Agriculture, People, and History are favorite topics to write about. Upcycling materials into handmade books is a fun challenge!

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