Winter will not officially arrive until next week, but don’t tell anyone who is living in the storm front parallel to the shores of Lake Huron.

Blizzard-like conditions exist with motorists being stranded in their vehicles on Highway 402 for hours, many overnight. The situation is so serious that a military operation is in place, with helicopters rescuing many from their frozen vehicles.

Still more snow & wind is in the forecast!!!!

The ferocity of this storm is indeed of Titanic proportions, it seems. That has started me thinking about the ship, itself, and the recent exhibition of artifacts that I saw at the local Museum.


TITANIC drawing



What comes to mind when you hear that  name? Answers will vary but most will be familiar with Titanic as the name of a great ship that sank in the last century. Possibly you will know that it sank in the north Atlantic, not too far from Newfoundland shores in April of 1912.

Like the ship, the story of its sinking was huge. Touted as “unsinkable”, sadly, its fate was to the contrary. So many lives were lost.

At the local exhibit, we were given Boarding Passes as we entered the Museum. We were reminded that society was layered at that time & that class distinction was reflected in the ship from top to bottom—first, second & third, or steerage passengers were roomed, fed and entertained accordingly.

In the James Cameron movie version, Titanic was portrayed as s “ship of dreams”; indeed, it was so for many passengers. For the majority however, it became their worst nightmare.  Several years ago, my son was caught up in the movie story of the Titanic–he drew this huge chalk sketch of the ship on our driveway. My husband took a photo of this “ship of dreams’.

Today, in snow-bound areas of Ontario, several passengers on the 402 highway are being rescued by the military.

Perhaps that reminded me of the Titanic. Unfortunately, the military helicopters were not part of that era of shipping  and ocean commerce. Thankfully, almost 100 years late, so many people are being rescued in this huge storm.


Author: Patricia McGoldrick

Poet Writer Reviewer Environment, Nature, Agriculture, People, and History are favorite topics to write about. Upcycling materials into handmade books is a fun challenge!


  1. Your son’s drawing of the Titanic is very identifiable. Even if you hadn’t told us specifically, I would have known just what ship it was. What a sad story that goes along with it though.


    1. Great to know that you could recognize it! Thanks, Joanne.
      Yes, it certainly was a sad event for what was meant to be such a joyous voyage.
      When we toured the Museum exhibit, we finished it with encountering an artificial iceberg which was cold to touch and filled the air with a cold atmosphere. Then we advanced to a list of passengers, listed in alpha order with survivors in one list & casualties on another longer list.
      People reacted with sad surprise or joy depending on their listed outcome.


  2. The chalk drawing is stunning, Patricia! I’m glad you caught it in photo. Is the son that drew it a child, or adult? If a child, he has talent and skill well beyond his years.

    Keep warm and safe, my “other” friend across the lake!!


    1. Thanks Marie Elena! I will forward this compliment to my son.
      He drew this when he was about 8 years old. Now he has just finished
      his last university exam–has a knack for writing songs and prose so he
      hopes to work in communications.
      Not sure, if he will start drawing again!
      December best to you and your family,


  3. I guess we have both been lucky thus far this winter. Those snow storms have gone around our area, more to the west near Lake Huron and to the south where all of those people were stranded. Two years ago, we had an overload of snow, for sure.
    Glad you like my son’s drawing. He just finished his last university exam today, so I think I’ll send him a copy of this photo and your comment.


  4. Patricia,

    Thought of you when I saw the news. That kind of bad snow can be pretty scary.

    We have had unusually warm weather and no snow on the ground. We are expecting some tonight….but we will see. I have to admit that I am spoiled. I could go the rest of the winter with now snow.

    Love your son’s chalk drawing. Wow…another artist in the family.


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