Yes, you have read the title correctly. By now, you might be wondering to yourself–

What does the 2010 Gulf Oil disaster have in common with an Irish bard?

After the rebellion in Ireland, Easter 1916, the Irish poet, William Butler Yeats,

summed up the outcome. In two of the most memorable poetic lines,

Yeats observed that the Irish people and country

Are changed, changed utterly:
A terrible beauty is born.

The Gulf 2010, might be a title that will be memorable to future world citizens.

The oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has left an impact for now & future generations.

With a sad irony, this tragic event has been captured in photos, in a way that echoes

Yeats’ comment on the Irish turmoil. Check out this link to see for yourself:


Irony seems to be the theme of the day.

This week, I received my copy of the fund-raising anthology, Oil & Water and Other Things that Don’t Mix.

I was excited to see my poem, Before Petroleum, in this book while at the same time, I mused about

the sad reason for compiling this collection of writing.

Yeats had it right, all along!




Author: Patricia McGoldrick

Poet Writer Reviewer Environment, Nature, Agriculture, People, and History are favorite topics to write about. Upcycling materials into handmade books is a fun challenge!

4 thoughts on “2010 GULF OIL DISASTER & YEATS EASTER 1916?”

  1. Marie Elena,
    You are so right about how the “news has gone nearly silent” about the oil disaster. Maybe some of the words & pictures will keep the story in the news.
    The Facebook site for the Oil & Water Anthology adds some items as they occur.
    Sadly, I think that the impact will be ongoing for very far into the future.


  2. Thank you for this, Patricia. It’s good to see how people helped in ways that they could: writing, photography, sketching, painting, giving … as well as the more hands-on people who helped with cleaning and care of wildlife. This disaster touched many lives, and reached across the globe. I wonder how long we will deal with the effects? The news has gone nearly silent on the issue.


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