If you are still looking for a winter read, I would like to suggest one for you.

In December, at the end of 2010, a new anthology was published–Oil and Water and Other Things that Don’t Mix.

Proceeds from the anthology are directed to some of the people whose lives were impacted severely by the oil disaster.

Editors have worked hard to publicize the book and to keep current information in the public eye through a blog and Facebook.

This anthology contains many stories, essays and some poetry, including my poem, Before Petroleum.

Contributors were invited to share a bio post at the blog site–here is a link to mine:

Meet Patricia Anne McGoldrick—poet who wrote “Before Petroleum” poem.

In this anthology, I have met many writers through their stories in the book and bio posts, as well.

It has been an honour to be a part of this book, to help out in some small way.


Author: Patricia McGoldrick

Poet Writer Reviewer Environment, Nature, Agriculture, People, and History are favorite topics to write about. Upcycling materials into handmade books is a fun challenge!