Summertime, And the livin’ is easy….

This is definitely one of those days when the Gershwin summer tune rings true!

As I try to stay cool, I have observed a couple of trends.


Summer gardens are peaking but sadly in need of water. Our community  regulations allow for limited watering–seems to be sufficient for now.

Also, I have noticed that it is  the time when parents are wearying, children are almost ready to return to the structure of school–almost, that is.

If you are looking for activities to involve your family, take a look at Book Your Summer! With the heat and humidity, it seemed like the right time to self-publish a small booklet that I have compiled from memories of family travels. This will be an ongoing activity, fun for all!

Summer reads have been ongoing, enjoying reading and writing some poetry.

Well, hope summer is going well for all–may rain fall soon on your fields and gardens!

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