Poetry news!

Just received news that a forthcoming anthology entitled:


taking a bite of the apple–revelations is gone to print!

The book includes my poem Girls and Green Apples along with works by several local writers with whom I am so glad to be included. I have included, here, a glimpse of the book launch flyer. The event will occur in early December. It will be available to add to your Autumn Reads!

November has been a busy month for writing poetry!

Each day, I have participated in a month-long poetry challenge with Poetic Asides, an online group that I first met a couple of years ago. This is the second November challenge for me in this group of amazing poets, real wordsmiths with a lot of heart!

On this special weekend, I thought I would share a poem with readers of this blog. Here is a photo I took of this week’s ice storm impact & the related Haiku that I wrote for November daily challenge.



ornamental grass

yellowed blades covered with ice

wintry canopy


Best to all on this special weekend of Thanksgiving!:)

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8 thoughts on “NOVEMBER WORDS!

  1. aloha Patricia – this (just passed November – 2011) was my first attempt at the month long chapbook challenge. having completed the initial writings, I’m not quite sure where I will go from there – altho I am full of questions for my self as well as other writers. it’s cool to watch what another writer is doing – will do – with the work… so it’s fun to discover your blog. aloha.


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