For a Poetry Month finish, thought I would  share a few lines that I wrote on a theme of balance in life, eco-balance in particular.


Each week

I sort through the mail

with care.

So many papers–

white ones, green and orange, even brown ones too–

with ads on one side only,

these are like treasures for me to share!

 Upcycle these papers, I will,

into small books—

homes for some poems,

maybe a recipe or two,

even a gift for that special someone in June.

When the day comes to book it,

I take out my file so full of papers

to make a new tome.

Then I choose from all

a blue or green sheet

to upcycle into a format so sweet.

I fold it in half vertically

and fold in half again.

Then I take one open end

to fold to the middle,

turn it over and do the same.

When I look at my book

sitting there like a “W”

I press it together like an accordion.

Now I can add my words to this paper

transformed into a book.

Another upcycled project is worth a second look!

Hope that poetry continues to provide a balance in your life past this special month of April!:)

Bookmaking supplies


Poetry is bliss! Whether I read, write, sing, listen to it, poetry makes my day! That is why the Poetry Month of April is such an amazing month for me despite rain, snow, wind, and mud.

Last year I wrote a blog post, urging people to Celebrate Poetry Month With ‘Poem in Your Pocket Day’ .

2012 April Snow

In 2012, I am celebrating once again by upcycling a piece of paper into a small book as a home for a poem.

There are many simple, foldable formats for making such a book that is small enough to carry in your pocket.

Here are 3 possibilities:

  • I have just discovered a new version of this one-pager at a link from Cathy Miranker.
  • If you wish to make a Stapleless Book,  just click here and you can stop by a site often used in schools but available to others.This site is very user-friendly with a step by step approach for you to make a small poem such as mine in this photo.
  • Microsoft Office also has a downloadable template for such a book.

Have fun! These small books are fun to gift and share!:)