May is the month of blossoms with the promise of a plentiful harvest–usually.

Unfortunately, the unseasonably warm spring days, intermingled with frosts and snow, have combined to threaten the apple supply and other fruit trees as well.

It is something to ponder, this odd mix of spring and winter.

That reminds me of the off-and-on temperatures we experienced a year ago in May when we visited St. Louis for a wedding.

So unpredictable was the weather that back-up plans were put into action

to accommodate the wedding in the planned, alternate setting.

Sometimes, it seems, one must just weather the weather.

2011 St. Louis White Rocking chair!

Then, sit back in a comfortable chair, like this rocking chair that I saw in Missouri,

and just let nature take its course.

Rocking chairs, it seems to me, were made for reflection. There was always a spot for one in our kitchen. This huge rocking chair in St. Louise brought back memories of the well-worn piece of furniture, part of my childhood.

Do you have a favourite chair? a piece of furniture that brings back happy memories for you?

Poetry month has ended, yes, but I think I sense a poem here!

Have a great weekend!