For this turbulent Friday, thought I would finish with a few words on Peace.

It is less than a week since November 11 observances for Remembrance Day and  Veterans Day but the news is filled with stories of major violence in the Middle East.

Labour strife seems to be everywhere with people worried about their livelihoods and futures.

Misunderstandings and conflicts are experienced every day, it seems.

Today, in response to misunderstandings within a group, I was asked by a well-intentioned individual to write a poem about “keeping the peace :)”. This request gave me pause. It started me to thinking.

As I thought about all the things happening near and far, I would like to share John Lennon’s song that has always meant “peace” to me. Each day as I see the wooden carving on the mantle of the fireplace, I am reminded to Imagine. Please click on the song title for a link to the song video.

Have a peaceful weekend, All!:)


Author: Patricia McGoldrick

Poet Writer Reviewer Environment, Nature, Agriculture, People, and History are favorite topics to write about. Upcycling materials into handmade books is a fun challenge!

6 thoughts on “PEACE–JUST IMAGINE!”

  1. Oh Patricia – You are quite correct I am writing with my eyes closed. Just wrote about 1500 words for NaNo… Yes “Imagine” is very special to me as it is to so many … Can we just “Imagine” as Lenon did what the world would be like as he envisioned it to be … A world where quite frankly there is no reason why we cannot have peace. I am so sorry that you were involved in “misunderstandings” within a group. Yet, the role of peace-maker is critical in our world and how lovely that you were called about to intervene. I hope all is well – hopefully the misunderstandings weren’t on our page – (I haven’t been quite as hands on for a couple of weeks given the spectrum of Mother Nature’s magnitude from the creation of new life to the tempestuous tossing of and ocean apparently tired of human’s lack of respect for her power. Thank you for your comments on my poems. Yes, let us all “imagine” a world where there was the real possibility for peace – it is possible, if only we do try. ( as far as my name for the new little one – mhmm I have a sense that he will come to a name of his own and I’ll go with it… I personally like something along the lines of Grammie the Beneficient or some such – an older female cousin dubbed me Grandma Nite Nite because it seemed that from the time she was a colicky baby -she fell asleep when I held her firmly in my arms. So we shall see. I can only now sleep and imagine….
    Goodnight – dear maker of the peace….



    1. Thanks, Pearl! So good to hear from you.
      Just to clarify, the misunderstandings were in a very different group with a another type of focus, not poetry!
      As is my way, I have shared a poem or two with them in the past; in this situation, I hope that Imagine works!
      Re Grandma–I’m sure the right fit will be found soon!
      Appreciate you getting back to me on this.
      Peace right back to you, Pearl! It is a beautiful sunny day here in Ontario, definitely great one for taking our dog on a walk!


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