Sir John A. Macdonald



When I look out the front door, I still see snow, now fast declining. In the midst of the white blanket that covers the perennial/herb garden, however, I see a little green tree of rosemary! This herb has flavoured many a dish over the past year & I am delighted to see that it is surviving the winter cold.


Somehow, these little green leaves not only add a savoury taste to potatoes and slow cooked stews, they also add a bit of hope to me in the midst of January’s mid-winter days.

This first month of 2013, I have been working on organizing writing plans. After receiving the gift of a planner, this activity is moving along.

Also, I am getting acquainted with the new camera I received on the holidays. This enables me to zoom in on some of the views on my walks and in the ever evolving backyard. This photo of rosemary is one of my first ones taken with the camera!

Getting caught up on some blog reading/commenting after the holidays. Glad to connect with many talented poets!

Finally, started to watch the special tv series, Downton Abbey. It is an interesting take on early 20th Century Britain and world. Characters and costumes are well done.

Right now, I am enjoying this January thaw, realizing full well that more snow is to follow.

Today is the most likely birthday of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald.¬†As I listen to the news of labour strife and planned meetings with reps of the First Nations chiefs with Government officials, I wonder what Sir John A. would be thinking today!

Have a great weekend!