Hi to all on this blustery cold January day! Actually, I know some people who will be travelling soon to sunnier climes such as Hawaii; for the rest of us, the winter has taken a nasty turn.

Meanwhile, for those readers who continue to stop by my blog, I have made a decision to focus more on some reads with  reviews or recommends for reading here along with some reflections, maybe even a poem or two.

Just amended this WordPress theme with one of my photos from Newfoundland! This was the view from the cottage we rented when visiting that beautiful province. In the background, clouds

To begin this new phase, I have some recommends for Slow cooker users. It’s time to celebrate with a trio of books in which recipes abound for holidays and in-between days.  With a wide selection of starters for visiting relatives and friends, Phyllis Pellman Good has a winning combo of recipes in the Fix-It and Forget-It books pictured below.

As Good writes in the Appetizer book, “These dishes are so easy to prepare and require so little last-minute work, that you won’t be laboring in the kitchen, overhearing the fun.” Stuffed mushrooms and stuffed acorn squash are only two of the tempting side dishes one can make year round along with any of the main dish meals in the Holiday book. Today, would be a good day to make some Crockery Cocoa!

In a book, full of Main dishes for the holidays, the recipes work for any season. With the Super Bowl approaching, there are many ideas for crowd appeal. Company seafood pasta and Wine Tender Roast would be excellent dinner ideas.

By the way, in this new year, you can check out the Fix-It and Forget-It Pink Cookbook, as well, a book with some of the proceeds going to the Avon Foundation for Women, Breast Cancer Canada.

 All 3 books have much in common:

    • Colourful covers and photos
    • Easy-to-follow instructions
    • Available in Ebook format
    • Cost is low!

Check out these books at Amazon.com and Amazon.ca . Enjoy!

Cover photo, NetGalley.

Cover photo, NetGalley.

Cover photo on NetGalley site.

Cover photos, NetGalley.