Writing can certainly take one in varied directions!

Sometimes, I look for prompts at favourite sites, one being titled Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.

This site provides prompts by and for a cast of regulars plus, they encourage passers-by to comment and create poems, themselves.

I am one of the visitors who has been inspired, several times, by the prompts and the poets. Sometimes I write a poem; other times I comment.

This week’s inspiration was a challenging one for me and for others, as well. The poetry prompt is based on movie clip from Holy

Motors, a French fantasy film I have not seen. Having viewed the 5-minute clip, I decided to write a limerick that I have pasted below for a read.

2013 Limerick

 There once was a short man in green

Who climbed out of a hole to be seen

Running past monuments grey

Munching red funeral lei

Then he reached for the svelte movie queen. 


Thanks for taking a moment to read my limerick.

Now, you may be wondering about the meaning of my wee poem; or, you may indeed think that the meaning is as clear as this blanket of cumulus clouds that covered our southern Ontario skies on the weekend.

Well, perhaps due to the fact that I have not seen the entire movie, this is the way I was impacted by the clip.

I am an avid fan of clouds in their many variations. This photo I took seemed like a great image to share along with my words.

Enjoy the rest of this week! 🙂

Author: Patricia McGoldrick

Poet Writer Reviewer Environment, Nature, Agriculture, People, and History are favorite topics to write about. Upcycling materials into handmade books is a fun challenge!


  1. I am impressed! First that you followed through with a blog writing prompt (I always read and think and never actually write down. . .) and that you wrote a limerick and shared it. I am also impressed by your cool photo. My hubby would love to discuss those clouds. (He is an air traffic controller, they learn about clouds/weather in school, and he is ALWAYS sharing this knowledge. LOL)


    1. Margo, thanks for the comments here on all aspects of this post. Have to say that I respond to prompts rather sporadically. It’s a challenge that I enjoy some days.
      Clouds amaze me & I am sure that they are a big part of air traffic controllers’ daily concerns.
      Glad you dropped by for a read! 🙂


  2. Hello! Lovely limerick! The sing song nature does highlight the humor among the macabre. I am so honored that you took time to watch the clip and then shake up some inspiration to drive words across the page. Thanks again and Viva la


  3. Munching red funeral lei maybe the heart of the action in this movie clip as we see but a part of it full circle standing out in relief. How we see things in part of a greater context may just be that magic of focused meaning and wider connections of but one lonely flower word daisy chain.


  4. I really like your limerick, what a great way to go with this prompt, and I love your cloud photo! Gorgeous.
    We’ve just had a thunder storm here in southern Alberta, with hard rain beating down on everything, and the road threatening to flood. Then the sun came out, and is glinting off my car, right through the window and into my eye. Weather is very strange everywhere this year, it seems.


  5. You clouds are amazing. Your limerick is cool. A friend has assured me that there is much more to the movie, and she is going to force me to watch it. Shudder.


    1. Thanks x 2, Susan. The clouds were just so thick and intense, a real source of inspiration for photos and poems, sheer beauty!
      Appreciate comment on the limerick too. They are fun to write but challenging in their own way. I shuddered at an item or two in the film clip & I am sure your friend is correct in saying the movie has more to it. Not sure if I want to go there, though! 🙂


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