Poetry of Jim Morrison

Music, to many of us, is a road map of our lives.

Deutsch: Chord progression and Melody of the D...
Deutsch: Chord progression and Melody of the Doors-Title Riders in the Storm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many songs remind us of a particular stage of life, for better or worse.

A recent  prompt at IGWRT is focused on Jim Morrison, one of the very talented musicians of The Doors, who died in his late 20s.  He was renowned for his music but Morrison was a talented poet as well. One of my favourite songs by this group was an amazing work of lyrics and instrumentation–Riders on the storm. The poem inspired by this song is pasted below.

Remembering Jim Morrison’s Riders on the storm

Rain filters down
while thunder plays
in Riders on the storm
a song that still haunts me
since my high school days

In our small town
they say that his tune was playing
on an 8-track that keeps on going
while teenage friends were driving home
after scoring a win in the ice hockey game.

Seems no one saw that transport
careen round the corner
on a wet stormy night in November
and when the police arrived at the scene
Jim Morrison kept on singing
though the teen voices were gone

And every time I hear that piano rain trickling down in
Riders on the storm,
I think of Morrison, our long lost friends and his song.

© 2013 Patricia A. McGoldrick


Author: Patricia McGoldrick

Poet Writer Reviewer Environment, Nature, Agriculture, People, and History are favorite topics to write about. Upcycling materials into handmade books is a fun challenge!

5 thoughts on “Poetry of Jim Morrison”

  1. Yes, music triggers intense memories ~~ most often happy … your memory is heartbreaking and so, so sad.


  2. Sherry, Susie–thanks for reading my “fictional” poem inspired by Morrison’s song. It was inspired by a real-life horrendous crash with loss of lives and severe injuries. While friends and classmates mourned, there was a song played at that time that, sadly & ironically, told the story of a couple in our grade who suddenly was left as one. This prompt inspired me to write, with poetic licence, about that sad time; for lives lost, it is a kind of memorial poem in that sense.


  3. Patricia, what an amazing memory attached to the song. Eery to think of it still playing, all the young people dead, as the emergency trucks rolled in.


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