Today, I am sharing a poem that I started several months ago.               DSCN4491

Finishing it, following a “Starry Starry night” prompt by Walt Wojtanik at Poetic Bloomings.


 © 2013 Patricia A. McGoldrick


I searched the sky

on that cold December night

looking for meteors or falling stars or bits of celestial sense


For my efforts

I received no recompense

only a skyful of starry tealights

in memory of Newtown’s lost children and grown-ups

who died in the attack.


May their souls rest in peace.

Peace to all on these summery, starlit nights.


Author: Patricia McGoldrick

Poet Writer Reviewer Environment, Nature, Agriculture, People, and History are favorite topics to write about. Upcycling materials into handmade books is a fun challenge!

2 thoughts on “STARRY NIGHTS! (update)”

  1. Oh, goosebumps with that first stanza…I felt so much like that during that unfortunate time. I’m so glad that you finished this meaningful emotive poem in honor of those lost and these that need peace…beautiful ending, Patricia.

    I’m not sure if you meant this but it appears as though the prompt you speak of is a prompt of my creation…my poem was a response to Walt’s prompt at Poetic Bloomings…I didn’t realize I used the exact same titel for my poem until now though! Lol!

    Much peace to you…I hope you’re no where near that awful train event. My heart goes out to Canada and you. ♥


    1. Hannah–thanks so much for your comments–in order–so appreciate your response to my poem, it was truly written from my heart & although I started it then, only now could I finish it; also, appreciate the clarification re the prompt–will try to edit that point; finally, the train accident actually happened in our neighbour province of Quebec–it is a tragedy & everyone is wishing condolences to that town.

      Take care, Dancing Poet! 🙂


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