Low Tide in the Bay of Fundy
Low Tide in the Bay of Fundy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of our family vacations involved a trip to the Canadian Maritime provinces

Everyone travelled well in this long journey from Ontario with stops at Ottawa, our nation’s capital, and Quebec City, a beautiful historic centre of Canada.

Once we arrived at the ocean, one of our chief objectives was to see the world-renowned tides at the Bay of Fundy. We were not disappointed. So amazing it was to see the impact of the tide as it rolled in and out. My tide poem, inspired by a Poetic Bloomings prompt, is shared below in this blog post. Enjoy!


© 2013 Patricia A. McGoldrick

Landlocked Ontarians,

we are left in awe

as we visit

this Maritime wonder.


Muddy shore and valley

Dotted with species and splayed specimens–


Here comes the tide!

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