Well, summer is back, with a vengeance! However, the main attraction this week is that amazing moon up in the sky, shining so brightly over all below.

2013 COSMOS!
2013 COSMOS!

One poetry prompt site, IGWRT, has even selected the blue moon for its focus with the stipulation that the “blue moon” term, itself, not be used in the poem. This is where the prompt led me!


It haunts me,

sitting up there

like a dish of blanc mange

my mother’s favourite dessert.

Vanilla flavoured delight

so savoured by my seven siblings

to me it remained

a dishful of untempting molten mess—

no Eton for me!

Each weekly dinner

I only gazed at the creamy pudding,

carefully selecting each of the ten red berries

resting atop this serving—

a little orb planted for each family member—

a treat so sweet!

© 2013  Patricia A. McGoldrick

Author: Patricia McGoldrick

Poet Writer Reviewer Environment, Nature, Agriculture, People, and History are favorite topics to write about. Upcycling materials into handmade books is a fun challenge!


  1. Love this Patricia, in particular, how you begin with the association of the moon and whittle it down to picking berries of the top of a less favorable dessert. Brilliant! I really appreciate the direction this prompt took you!


    1. Ironically, perhaps, the moon is so beautiful but somehow that pudding image came to mind as I thought of lunar inspiration without mentioning “moon” words. Glad you liked it, Susie. Berries, black or red, always are a treat, like a “blue moon”!


  2. The moon can certainly be a haunting sight, and obviously blanc mange haunted you. What a fascinating take on the prompt. I love it.
    When I was sick, my grandmother used to make me blanc mange, baked custard, rice pudding, and tapioca pudding, so they all mean love to me.
    Well done!


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