In this neighbourhood, rounded off to include most of the northeastern sector of North America, there are two topics of conversation and news reporting:

  1. Weather — mostly snow
  2. Olympics — medal counts and anecdotes

This week, the weather is actually worse someplace else. The ice and snow are devastating the southeastern  states and heading for eastern Canada. Winter storms are part of the season for this central Canadian province but, for southern climes, I am sure that the colder elements are not part of their usual lifestyle. Wishing safekeeping to all who are experiencing these winter challenges.

Right here, we have had a few days without precipitation but the overall appearance of our streets and houses is one of white, white, white as I summed up in a few words:

snow here and there   everywhere    nowhere is without snow

That being stated in prose and poem, the other current topic of conversation is the Olympics. From the fears of prejudice and possible terrorism to concern for ownerless dogs, many of us looked to the Olympics with a great deal of apprehension. The days are moving on with some amazing athletic performances, team spirit, joy and angst. It has been wonderful to see these individuals strive to do their best. Most heartwarming, perhaps, has been the reaching out to each other by these athletes and yes, even extending a helping hand to some of the canines who managed to survive the efforts to reduce their numbers. These are truly golden moments!

Have a great weekend, All!

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Bach Cello Suites playing while I assemble some thoughts for this Monday post. This collection, available from iTunes, is a perfect fit for me as I write and compose my thoughts.

Sunday was a day of surprises with Seattle winning the Super Bowl, the death of a well-known actor Philip Seymour Hoffman and a new layer of snow that lingered throughout the day without the usual wind to swirl it everywhere.


The day ended with an episode of Downton Abbey which continues to move along its characters and plots.

Seems to me that February brings with it heartache, baggage and bonuses.

The month starts with reminders of my mother’s birthday on the first as well as the coinciding observance of the day my father died. There is a day for memories and missing, for sure!

The groundhog stories fill news headlines for a couple of days, then it is full steam ahead to Valentine’s Day. This can be a happy, upbeat day or a sad, lonely one.

As a distraction to the usual Feb. 14 fanfare, I would like to share with my wonderful blog readers a post from one of my favourite sites — Making Handmade Books hosted by Alisa Golden, one of my favourite artists! The post is titled:  Mystery Date (with a Book) . Rather than summarizing its contents, I leave it here for you to check out the link. Enjoy! 🙂

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