Time to spring forward!

The days are getting longer, the hours of daylight, that is. This weekend the time changes and that upsets many a person for their sleep schedule.

Some people suffer from insomnia, a frustrating condition, to say the least.

In response to a poetry prompt on the subject of insomnia at IGWRT,  I wrote a haiku about something that works for me when sleep does not come.


Haiku on Insomnia 

two in morn’, sipping

creamy hot chocolate brew

sweet dreams to follow

© 2014 Patricia A. McGoldrick

Have a great weekend! Who knows, maybe it will be BBQ season before long! 🙂

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Author: Patricia McGoldrick

Poet Writer Reviewer Environment, Nature, Agriculture, People, and History are favorite topics to write about. Upcycling materials into handmade books is a fun challenge!

8 thoughts on “Time to spring forward!”

  1. see i’d think hot chocolate would wake you right up. so i haven’t tried this but perhaps i will. and also despite the hour lost, it must be that more light in the evening will help. i’m grasping on to that possibility. next week will be better!


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