English: Night blooming cereus or "Queen ...
English: Night blooming cereus or “Queen of the Night” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On this summer-like evening, I remember back to a very hot July night when I saw some night-blooming cereus flowers for the first time. Wrote a poem after this big event.


By Patricia A. McGoldrick

The birthing room was not spectacular but subdued.

With space for the light of fluorescent lamps

An unassisted birth took place when,

Quiet and unassuming mother, Night Blooming Cereus (nbc),

Let nature take its course

Serene and compliant, nbc green tree plant

Experienced a lengthy labour resulting in

Not one but nine

For a few hours, thanks to nbc,

The earth was a richer place

With these explosions of globular delight

After a brief burst of glory

Each sphere retreated to its base.

nbc is reported to be doing fine and is building up reserves for future progeny.


*Poem published in Cyclamens & Swords, November 2008 at


Have a great rest of the week! 🙂

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