Mother’s Day 2014 has arrived! So much to be thankful for, as a Mom, and so much


gratitude for all that my mother left me with when I was 23.

This day is always an emotional one for present-day moms, those who have lost a mom or the hope of being one. Mostly, however, it is a happy day often as families gather to share the day, talk on the phone or Skype, or, possibly, by the traditional letter or flowers or treats.

With Mother’s Day in mind, I made a brief stop at the local food store where I hoped to buy some of the delicious cupcakes in the bakery. While waiting for these items, I  met another mom and had a conversation that left me thinking. I tried to write a poem but it has morphed into more of a prose anecdote. Whatever the case, this little “poem” is what  I “Found on Friday” at the grocery store.

“Found” on Friday

There I was

waiting at the bakery counter

to pick up a vanilla cupcake treat

for Mother’s Day


A shiny stainless steel shopping cart approached

pushed by a 30-something Mom

with a Cheerio-eating toddler in the childseat


Smiles of parenthood were exchanged between Moms


Seeing the contented little one, I asked, “How old is your daughter?”


“Oh, she’s 14 months, kind of big isn’t she?


“She’s so cute,” I replied


The young Mom continued, “Oh, I always say that to people. But I guess it isn’t any surprise. My husband is 6’4” and I’m kind of chunky”, she smiled.

Surprised by this comment, I responded quickly to her words with “Oh don’t say that, she’s beautiful! Look at those eyes.”


From behind the counter, the white-capped baker announced “Cupcakes ready”.


With a quick glance at the happy Mom and her blue-eyed child,

I turned to retrieve the box of cupcakes. I placed it in the cart with my groceries.


I looked over my shoulder to the mother and child as they were giggling over some spilled Cheerios.


We waved to each other before setting off in different directions.


Then, in unison, we called out “Happy Mother’s Day!”


© 2014 Patricia A. McGoldrick


Have a great weekend, all!




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Author: Patricia McGoldrick

Poet Writer Reviewer Environment, Nature, Agriculture, People, and History are favorite topics to write about. Upcycling materials into handmade books is a fun challenge!

6 thoughts on “CUPCAKES AND CHEERIOS!”

  1. This exchange…your compassion and message of value in self and others…the authenticity found in this neighborly experience…it’s heart warming and moving Patricia…you captured this so eloquently. I wish I lived in your city and could run into you at the market. ♥


    1. Hannah, thanks from the heart for your so intuitive comment. Ironically, that same day, I saw the FB posting by PS Cleary & it echoed what was whirling around in my mind following my meet-up in the grocery store.
      Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.
      As for the city, wish the same. 🙂


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