Refraction is this week’s Photo Challenge, one that led me to some photos that I took a winter or two ago.

To be honest, I am not a fan of math and physics and winter; however, the beauty of all is shown to me each year during those months of cold and snow. Through the dining room window, I can see the shadowy fingers of winter stretching across the back yard.

The beauty of it all has even inspired a poem or two such as this one included here:

Observations on a Kitchen Window*

On the sliding glass panes

above the stainless steel sink

There is a pattern

So precise in its definition—

Trapezoids and squares and angular gizmos

All crisp in their glory

Set in their rays, just

Defying the January sun

To start a meltdown!

© Patricia A. McGoldrick

Note: *Originally Published under my married name Patricia McGoldrick Goldberg © 2000

in textshop #7 Spring 2000 p.56. Republished in Frost and Foliage Anthology 2009, p. 10.

Have a great weekend, all!