Slow cooker works for me, especially on cold wintry days, when a bowl of hot soup seems like the perfect fit for a meal.

If you like French onion soup, I would recommend making it in a slow cooker. The finished product provides a delicious lunch or dinner.

The most difficult part of making the soup begins with peeling & slicing many onions, approximately 14 of them! By peeling them under cold running water at the sink, I was able to prepare these tangy gems without any tears. Then, I used the food processor to cut them into thin   slices for the soup.  It was a lengthy process to cook the onions for several hours but the finished result was worth it, with left-overs for tomorrow.

Want to give it a try, you can check out the recipe by Claire Tansey at Enjoy!2015 French onion soup!

2015 French onion soup!

Author: Patricia McGoldrick

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