1965! To quote Frank Sinatra, "it was a very good year"!
2015 Golden!
2015 Golden!
The Beatles crossed the pond to play in North America to the crowds. It was the year that Paul McCartney sang Yesterday. Music was golden, like a 50th wedding anniversary!

In the National Hockey League, still the Original Six teams, Toronto Maple Leafs made it to the semi-finals for the Stanley Cup Race!
Hockey playoffs were the subject of many conversations in that year but in our household, wedding preparations were centre stage. My sister, Margaret, the eldest daughter was getting married in June to Ed, her handsome local guy who also happened to be a Leaf fan, perfect addition to the family. (Not to worry, in 1985, when I married one those Montreal Canadian fans, family adjusted just fine & it added a new dimension to playoff fervour!) 

As anyone who has lived through pre-wedding planning in the 60s knows, there were many items to think about. 
Mother of the bride, no acronym then, had a huge amount of details and etiquette on her plate, from shopping to showers to cake-making. Family prep was also necessary: White shirts had to be starched and pressed for Dad and brothers, colourful dresses and hats selected for my mother and younger sister and me. 
Finally, June 19 arrived. 
The morning wedding at church was followed by lunch/dinner, then, back to the farm for reception. The snowball tree and lilacs were blooming, sun was shining. Lots of people and food shared a pleasant afternoon. Some of us played baseball in one yard while the others chilled under the shade trees. Before long, it was time for my sister & husband to leave for the honeymoon. As a 12-year old, I remember so clearly seeing my sister stand on the stone steps outside our home, looking so fashionable in her pretty green floral suit and yellow straw hat, to throw the bouquet and take off for her new life. 

Fifty years later, my eldest sister & her husband are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary! Congrats to them!

Over the years, they have lived at a few different addresses, starting in the big city, Toronto, and, eventually, to a small rural cottage in the GTA. Whether they lived in an apartment on Avenue Road, a small house on Merton Street or a bungalow in Georgetown, a few acres in Dufferin County, and now this little cottage with a pond in Simcoe, this couple made a home. 

Both born in the earlier range of big family/baby boomer siblings, my sister and her husband shared some of the determination, responsibility, generosity, a sense of humour, and lots of life skills that come with that experience.   
Through the five decades of their marriage, they have raised a family of five children, 3 sons & 2 daughters. As parents, through happy times and challenging ones, they provided them with that foundational nest, so important in life. More than that, they gave them the wings, so necessary, for launching into their own lives.

Together, for 50 years, Margaret and Ed have shared the joys and precious moments in this garden of life.

Congrats to them!
2015 ROSES
2015 ROSES
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