In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”

Boundaries! As members of the human community, from a very young age, we learn that we have boundaries in our lives — to protect us, to protect others. Health and safety of a toddler are paramount to a parent while governments struggle to keep citizens safe in a rapidly changing world.

Sometimes, we cross boundaries as we grow, achieve independence or, indeed, to save a life that is threatened within the borders of a political entity.

When individuals cross the accepted limitations of their community, a cost is rendered, either through sanctions or losses to themselves and society. All too often, news reports are filled with these stories. No links will be provided here as the details of such stories are all too familiar to us as part of this media savvy world.

Learning to fly?
Learning to fly?

Sadly, survivors of these transgressions face the challenges of getting by in their lives after they have lost someone to violence. Experts can provide assistance but pain of loss will endure.

On the non-human front, each autumn, I am reminded of the borders and boundaries crossed by birds and animals in their migration to warmer climes.


Birds and butterflies visit our backyard, without permission, to store up their energy levels as they continue on their way south. Earlier this year, a young cardinal perched on the backyard boundary that fences in our property and provided a protected area for play and exploration as children grew up along with a cock-a-poo pup. The children are grown and the pup has passed on but the birds and squirrels still make use of this fence.

Milkweed grows with abandon in our perennial garden in the hopes that a monarch butterfly or two or three will stop by. Northern flickers and goldfinches peck away at the ground and the trees to find sustenance. Squirrels — black, grey, brown — dig into my container garden for treasures. Literally, the backyard is humming with activity!

What are they telling us about boundaries and borders? I wonder.


In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Change."

Change comes in many guises. This summer, it was time for a kitchen update.

With the daily focus on this major change, my blog and other writing efforts were shelved for a few weeks.

Soon, with completion of the reno, I hope to get back to some wordy pursuits.

Happy autumn days to all! :)

2015 NEW LOOK!
2015 OLD LOOK!

2015 NEW!

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