Farewells and Finishes!

September already!

Where did the summer go? Quickly as it came after a rough spring, summer is winding down with a flourish as the temperatures soar this week.

Throughout these changing seasons, a couple of major changes have occurred at this address.

Firstly, way back in April, planning for a kitchen renovation began.The process involved selections of cupboard and counter styles, measuring and re-measuring, choosing paint colours and sink/faucets. Mostly, it was a smooth operation with only one major glitch that is being fixed now.

The almost finished result is a much brighter, updated kitchen with lots of cupboard space and work areas.

To celebrate, I made some apple crisp in the slow cooker. Local sunrise apples with a generous sprinkling of cinnamon are a welcome part of the local harvest from Herrle’s Country Farm Market.


Secondly, on a sadder note, our pup of almost 15 years passed on in early August. Cody‘s days were filled with lots of walks, running and exploring the backyard. Fortunately, he was able to enjoy most of his activities until this summer when he started to decline in energy levels and appetite. He left us with lots of memories. He found his way into everything, including a poem or two. In a farewell to him, here is a link to a post from a year ago:

White Lions and Creamy Pups










In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Abandoned.”

Hello to the blogosphere! Hope readers weren’t feeling abandoned as this has been a busy summer of kitchen renovations.

Finally, as August is drawing to a close, the kitchen is nearing completion with one exception, hopefully, to be remedied soon.

Looked through some photos for this weekly theme. A young red cardinal caught my eye. Was this one abandoned?

Learning to fly?
Learning to fly?

Enjoy these lingering days of summer!