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With a substantial snowfall this week, many people are quoting T. S. Eliot‘s description of April as “the cruellest month“. Indeed, after such a lengthy winter, the label seems apt.

One robin, in particular, must have wondered about that blast of winter weather. I caught a photo of that certain robin in our driveway. Happy to say my picture was chosen for a local Weather Watcher photo on Thursday.

This week, for many, is full of celebration and observance with Passover (Pesach) and Easter (Paschal). Best to all who are celebrating.

Despite these happy moments, the world seems to be spinning on a very negative axis with missing planes, drowned ships and a Russian leader who has spun out of control.

The April weather might be considered as cruel; however the misguided, totalitarian actions of Putin demonstrate cruel ambition, the cost of which is paid by many. What century is he living in? With the snow melted and the sun shining outside, I wonder. I really wonder.

Apologies for writing on such a sad note but the news from eastern Europe is hard to fathom in the 21st century.

Ducks in the pond swim peacefully, round and round. Maybe it’s time for some leaders and countries to co-exist, like the ducks.

Time to write a poem or two.

Take care, All! Peace :)

Ducks at the pond

Ducks at the pond







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Friday has arrived, bringing to an end this eventful week.

Thursday was a windy day with gusts up to 80 km! That, of course, had an impact on the roof of our house but it has now been fixed.

This morning, the sky was blue with a few simple clouds and a jet track or two.

One cloud formation caught my eye. The resulting photo is shown here. Looked like an arrow to me & I wondered about its meaning.

Is it possible that it was a symbol, a beacon with direction? Where was it pointing, this wispy compass in the sky? Mere cloud talk?

What do you think?

This week saw the finish of a Canadian television series, Arctic Air. For 3 seasons, this show featured a cast of characters who lived and worked in the far north, in Yellowknife. It was a fictional glimpse of a present-day Arctic community. The show has been dropped by the network but it was good while it lasted.

Have a great weekend!

2014 arrow

2014 Arrow cloud!

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