Decided to change the appearance of my blog with this new theme, new for me that is.


I used a photo of coreopsis blooms from last year’s perennial garden. I am looking forward to more of these pretty flowers again this year. For now, these orange poppies are a highlight in the perennial garden!

The weather has been picture perfect for a few days now. There is so much more outdoor activity going on with lawns and gardens and just plain old walking in the neighbourhood. Wonderful days!

Meanwhile, I having been trying to work on a special blog post for next week as part of a virtual blog tour about writing.

I was invited to participate in this event by a poet, Pamela Smyk Cleary, who I met through an online poetry prompt site. If you want to know more about this poet and the blog tour, you can visit the link at http://wanponpopix.blogspot.ca/2014/06/the-writers-blog-tour-my-writing-process.html.

Time for me to go to vote here in Ontario. Back next week with that virtual blog tour post!

Have a great weekend!



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