April 24 is the day to celebrate poetry by carrying a poem in your pocket.

There are many ways to acknowledge this special day. BOOKMAKING SUPPLIES

For me, it is a chance to combine two of my favourite past-times — poetry and upcycling. To frame your poem, you can upcycle a few commonplace items: a piece of paper such as a flyer with print on one side; a brown paper bag; a small section of a cereal or matzo box; part of a greeting card.

Once you select a home for this poem, you can select a favourite poem to copy onto this surface. Then, you are set to place a poem in your pocket tomorrow as you start the day.

Not sure where to find a poem? Check out this link:


You, also, could write a poem of your own to carry in your pocket or to gift to someone else.

For this special day, I was inspired by a recent visit to the shores of Lake Huron where I took a photo of the horizon, now posted at MyNews. I have written a haiku inspired by the amazing Great Lake Huron that I would like to share with readers.


Have a great week!


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Summer is flying by. I realize the brevity of the season as the temperature dropped to an autumn coolness last night, calling for a sweater on an evening walk.

I also realized that it is just over a month since our street lost a good neighbour.

Annie actually lived on the opposite end of our crescent. Although she lived quite a few houses away, our paths crossed each year at an annual late summer/fall barbecue, hosted by a couple of our mutual neighbours. During the ensuing months, we would meet by chance at the local food store or mall, exchange a smile, a quick hello. Sometimes, we would wave to each other as we passed by our homes, driving or walking. We did, in fact, wave to each other as I drove past Annie’s place, just a few weeks ago.

A handful of days later, Annie died. Seeing her obituary in the daily paper was a shock and it has taken some weeks to process this loss to her family and our community.

In her memory , I wrote this haiku and made a little memory book. 

Wordle Annie

Haiku for a Neighbour

 I waved to Annie

sitting in shade on her porch

Who knew ’twas the last?

© 2013 Patricia A. McGoldrick


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