Français : Logo de la prélogie de Star Wars en...
Public Domain: Français : Logo de la prélogie de Star Wars en…

Star Trek Into Darkness 3D was on the to do list for this weekend of very iffy weather. Done!

As one of the children who first saw Captain James T. Kirk “boldly” journey through space into “final frontier“, I was looking forward to seeing this prequel movie.

No spoilers here but following in the pattern of Star Wars films, this movie does provide some answers to beginnings of conflicts and characters.

However, on the tech side of things, a lot of booms and free-flying flecks do not a great movie make.

You can decide for yourself on the merits of this prequel but this viewer would be just as content to watch a rerun of one of the original episodes.

Enjoy if you decide to give it a look. This fan would rank it a 2.5 out of 4. Let me know how you rate it.

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