Ever have one of those days when you feel as though you are carrying the weight of the world upon your shoulders? Most of us have experienced a few of those down days.

For me, I look to the sky  and nature for a distraction from the worries that plague some moments. Going for a walk works for me!


Note: Written in response to weekly theme: WEIGHT(LESS)




A new year! A fresh start!

I realize that words of intent are easy to express but I also know that, for many of us, these can be just the kind of encouragement we need to take up a new pathway, to finish an undone task, to dream of a change. Go for it!

Finished the year with the honour of contributing to a virtual gratitude quilt . Thanks to a generous invitation and efforts from Laura Hegfield, there is, now,  an online patchwork of photos and words expressing gratitude. Click on the link if you wish to stop by.

Despite the late arrival of winter here in Ontario, it seems that January brings with it some extra daylight as the circle of seasons continues. This is truly a hopeful sign for me. Today, I caught a photo of the January sky in late afternoon, around 5:30!

Wishing all blog readers a Happy New Year!

2016 January 3 SUN SETTING!
2016 January 3 SUN SETTING!

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