Green Bins in the News! Write on.

The community in which I live has a track record for progressive steps in waste disposal.

Green bins are an integral part of the garbage disposal issue.


Since the colourful bins arrived on our street over a year ago, our garbage can input has reduced considerably. Each week, it stands side by side with the blue bins. Overall the system is working.

I am puzzled by some people’s reluctance to embrace a program that works so well.

Waste disposal can become a part of green living. Placing food scraps & other appropriate items into a counter-top container is one option. Also, you can Green the Newspaper!  After reading your daily newspaper fold it into a compostable container for your indoor pail of material for the outdoor green bin. Eventually, this material that is picked up by the Waste Management trucks will become compost.

How great is that!

October 20 is National Day on Writing. Need a topic to discuss? You can write some thoughts about green bins!


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Weekends ! These precious days give us time to get caught up on errands, take advantage of lower hydro rates to complete laundry, drive on over to the local country market to replenish food supplies, and much more.

Today’s visit to Herrle’s market was timely; corn on the cob was plentiful; fresh romaine lettuce and broccoli were there for selection; rows of tempting red tomatoes.

The country market location is always quite busy but the turnover of customers is a smooth one as happy visitors come and go with smiles of satisfaction on their faces.

Along with fresh produce, the market also offers a range of baked goods from local providers. All in all it is a pleasant weekend stop for us to visit this market.

Wishing all a continued great summer. Enjoy the local harvests wherever you live!


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