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There has been a lot of talk about green the past few days. March 17 will bring out the green in many, regardless of heritage or citizenship. Best to all who are celebrating.

With St. Patrick’s Day in mind, perhaps, responding to a poetry prompt at The Poetry Park site, led me in a colourful direction. This prompt invited responders to use a half-dozen words in a poem format of choice, so here is what I wrote.


a traveler trampled the undergrowth

all bent over beneath his shoes


wet with morning dew

he searched through the green shamrocks

‘til he found one with leaves of four


gently he snapped the stem

then pocketed this symbol of hope for the ages

as he set out on the road

in a new direction

once again


© 2015 Patricia A. McGoldrick



April 24 is the day to celebrate poetry by carrying a poem in your pocket.

There are many ways to acknowledge this special day. BOOKMAKING SUPPLIES

For me, it is a chance to combine two of my favourite past-times — poetry and upcycling. To frame your poem, you can upcycle a few commonplace items: a piece of paper such as a flyer with print on one side; a brown paper bag; a small section of a cereal or matzo box; part of a greeting card.

Once you select a home for this poem, you can select a favourite poem to copy onto this surface. Then, you are set to place a poem in your pocket tomorrow as you start the day.

Not sure where to find a poem? Check out this link:

You, also, could write a poem of your own to carry in your pocket or to gift to someone else.

For this special day, I was inspired by a recent visit to the shores of Lake Huron where I took a photo of the horizon, now posted at MyNews. I have written a haiku inspired by the amazing Great Lake Huron that I would like to share with readers.


Have a great week!


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