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Serenity reigned in the early morn one day this week when our community was treated to snowscape that was beyond imagining.

2015 snow
2015 snow

Looking out a second-storey window, I could see a world of white. Rushing to get the camera, I took many photos of the magical display.

However, after downloading them, I realized that my camera had been set on a soft focus with the result that I did not capture the views as I had wished.

This close-up shows the snowflakes falling from the tree branches, softly landing, serene in their dispatch. Such a peaceful sight!

2015 SNOW!
2015 SNOW!



Do you try to escape civilization or to make peace with it?  asks Margo Roby in her poetry prompt at http://margoroby.com/2014/10/14/poem-tryouts-wide-open-spaces/.

Roby’s question set me to thinking.

Living in a rapidly growing region, with downsizing on the horizon, this choice of settings weighs strongly in planning for the future.

The “plan” involves moving from a rather large two-storey house to a much smaller bungalow. Alas, for younger members of the boomer generation, many of the bungalows are already taken.

Fortunately, I live in a house surrounded by older trees — maple, birch, evergreen, mountain ash and more. A walk in the neighbourhood can take me past a pond with a small forest of century old trees. Going in another direction, parkland and soccer fields stretch out for the community to use. The houses are a few decades old so the landscape is seasoned with flowers and gardens of various sorts.

Looking out from the deck behind the house I see trees covered with leaves and beautiful evergreens as well. Rooftops peek through but mostly it is a land and sky scape that nourishes my spirits every day. In the winter, the skeletons of the same trees are a wonder to see through the window against the backdrop of white.


daily view from decks

trees and branches fill landscape

framing urban bliss.

© 2014 by Patricia A. McGoldrick

Overall, these views create a balance for me, between the urban and the rural, populated centres and the wilderness.

Without the trees, not sure if I would be content for long amidst a growing city. Peace!