February has been designated in many areas as Black History Month.

There have been many celebrations taking place this month to celebrate this recognition. As the month draws to a close, I would like to add a mention to one of my favourite writers, a truly inspirational poet–Maya Angelou.

For a winter read or all year round, one of the poets I most admire is  Maya Angelou. Stop by her website at http://mayaangelou.com to find out more about this dynamo!

Sitting on my shelf, are two of her several books —Poems and Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey nowboth are worth a  read or two on any given day.

Books by Maya Angelou
Books by Maya Angelou

Also, I have a CD featuring the works of one of my favourite poets, Maya Angelou , available at

2013 ANGELOU CDhttp://www.amazon.ca/Maya-Angelou-Poetry-Collection/dp/0375420177 .

Angelou’s voice is rich and melodious as she reads poems about life and people, including the 1993 Inaugural Poem.

More visual and text resources are available at another site celebrating Black History Month 2013 .

Closer to home, the CBC network has added some timely material at http://www.cbc.ca/books/2013/02/keeping-roots-alive.html .

As February ends, I recommend these resources that are great for listening and reading well past this designated month. Enjoy!


With Valentine’s Day taking top billing this week, many of us have been searching for the just right card or gift; some of us have even tried to make something by hand.


Fortunately, there are creative individuals who have collected their ideas on making gifts out of paper, card stock and a few other items in a wonderful book entitled :

Paper Artist: Creations Kids Can Fold, Tear, Wear, or Share.

This user-friendly book by Gail D. Green, Kara L. Laughlin, Jennifer Phillips 

is full of colourful photos of finished projects that invite

readers of all ages to give them a try.

Instructions are listed in a clear format and are easy to follow.

Projects range from earrings and necklaces to a time capsule and flowers. So many choices!

This is an ideal book to keep on the shelf for those times when you want to make an individualized gift for someone or to upcycle some items into a special ornament or object for yourself. It is a resource with many ideas for greening your gifts!

This book is a great winter read. I recommend this one for anyone from the tween ages upwards. Enjoy!