On the weekend, I took a couple of hours to watch the film version of Julie & Julia.

Have to say that I enjoyed it more than the book which is a rarity for me; however, the book seemed to drag at times and I found it difficult to maintain interest.

For the movie, Meryl Streep was great in portraying the cooking icon, Julia Child. Interestingly, the supporting actors were vital in adding memorably more dimensions to the story.

With the pace of change in info technology, perhaps, the construct of Julie’s blog is dated somewhat since the appearance of Twitter and other instant communications; however, Julie was a pioneering spirit with her blog, and for that “history” needs to be recorded, however quickly it moves.

For those who subscribe to The Writer, there is an interesting review of the movie by Kay Day who also provides a link to the original blog at The Julie/Julia Project.

The movie is an interesting glimpse of then and now, particularly for its attention to the insidious impact of the McCarthy days.

All in all, it was a good show!

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