Just over 50 years ago, the Beatles arrived in North America. Seeing them on the Ed Sullivan show was just the start of a long musical journey for many of us who have followed the 4 singers for all their years as a group, and for their solo careers as well.



After attending a performance of their music in the show “Let it be” last evening, I know why their music has stayed fresh for so long. This seemed to be a perfect fit for a prompt at a new poetry site  that has presented a challenge to use 6 listed words in a poem. Here is the one that I wrote, with the 6 words bolded.



at a Beatles tribute concert

that they are still the best

from the first to the final tune


their songs pushed some borders

stretched the edges of rock

with their freedom to sing and compose


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Written for Poetry Prompt at

© 2015 Patricia A. McGoldrick

Each day, I see “Imagine” on the mantle, and I do just that. Have a great week!


Slow cooker works for me, especially on cold wintry days, when a bowl of hot soup seems like the perfect fit for a meal.

If you like French onion soup, I would recommend making it in a slow cooker. The finished product provides a delicious lunch or dinner.

The most difficult part of making the soup begins with peeling & slicing many onions, approximately 14 of them! By peeling them under cold running water at the sink, I was able to prepare these tangy gems without any tears. Then, I used the food processor to cut them into thin   slices for the soup.  It was a lengthy process to cook the onions for several hours but the finished result was worth it, with left-overs for tomorrow.

Want to give it a try, you can check out the recipe by Claire Tansey at Enjoy!2015 French onion soup!

2015 French onion soup!