Holidays are upon us! Whatever you celebrate or not, the actual year, 2011, is coming to an end.


Do you have some favourite memories of this year? Book them in an accordion book!

Here is a list of possible memorable moments:

  • wedding
  • anniversary
  • birth
  • loss
  • change of job or location

Take a moment to recall the year. Is there a special series of events you might like to remember? Make a list–check it twice if necessary.

Materials: one or several sheets of paper (one-sided print), pictures/photos from old calendars, magazines or catalogues, markers, coloured pencils, computer printouts

Then, select some papers to upcycle into a book. With a few folds, you can create some accordion books for capturing some of these moments. This photo shows an accordion book that I made last year. I cut out shapes and pictures from an old calendar.


  • Take a paper–recycle a one-sided print sheet to make a “green” book.
  • Fold in half , then fold in half again.
  • Open & take outer edge to middle, fold and press .
  • Take the other outer edge, fold to middle and press.
  • Open to see the “W” shape you have made. It will open and shut like an accordion!
  • This can form one book, an accordion book.
  • Once your book is made, record with words and pictures/sketches, some of the  main 2011 events.

If you have several memorable moments, make 2 or 3 accordion books to attach to each other.

This book can be as simple or detailed as you wish. Great all-ages project for little hands, older adults, even a time-filler for creative teens!

Have fun!  Remember to store your accordion book in a special place to look back at 2011.

Enjoy these remaining 2011 days!

Congrats to Fred Wah, Canadian Poet Laureate!

Congrats to Canada‘s new Poet Laureate, Fred Wah!


Click here to find out more about this Poet from Western Canada.

The tradition of  naming a Poet Laureate is one that is observed in many countries, the United States and Great Britain included.

This official recognition of poets in any given country seems to give a special recognition to the place of poetry in our world.

With this recognition, poetry will become more familiar to all citizens, not just the academics. To facilitate that, in Canada, there is even a map to track the locations of Canadian Poets Laureate.

Take a few minutes to check out the link to Fred Wah. Welcome our new Poet Laureate!

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