With the change of seasons, there is always a tinge of excitement in the air. The cycle of life is moving on to its next stage in so many ways. Changes are happening in colour, activities, routines.

One thing for certain, there is a more disciplined approach with schedules, appointments, goals.

Each year, as I see the leaves start to change colours, I realize that, yes, life is a cyclical process. We humans are truly part of a bigger picture!

These pink cosmos seem to be standing at attention in the perennial garden after arriving so late with their blooms.

The red geraniums are still flourishing as temperatures drop.

Vegetables are plentiful. The root vegetables such as carrots are excellent ingredients for soups. The slow cooker is well used in this season. I recommend checking out slow cooker books in the library. Soup of the Day by Kate McMillan is a wonderful source of recipes!

Hope you all have a great autumn season. Each year I am fascinated by the range of colours. Enjoy!



2012 Thanksgiving in Canada!

Thanksgiving weekend is always so special! Trees add so much to the festive nature of this holiday with so much to be thankful for at this time.

Thought I would share a look at the setting for this special celebration.

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