Today is a beautiful sunny Sunday in this part of the world!

These birthday blooms are a bright spot in the dining room, true harbingers of spring.

Poetry Month  is proceeding with many poems and prompts emerging.

One prompt at IGWRT, is calling for new poems that focus on a “Sunday” theme. That took me back to 50 years ago when a particular Sunday

— February 9, 1964–

brought a whole new musical sound into our lives with the arrival in North America of John, Paul, George and Ringo! Whether you lived in Canada or the United States, The Beatles and the subsequent British Invasion changed everything!

Here is a wee limerick that I wrote for that Sunday prompt.


There once was a group named The Beatles

Who appeared on Ed Sullivan’s Show

While they were mopheads to Dad

To us, much more than a fad

That special Sunday was ever so fab! 

© 2014 Patricia A. McGoldrick




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November–Novel or Never

November has arrived.

There is a scurrying movement in writing circles as authors set out on a month-long novel writing venture–NaNoWriMo.

For me, I think that I will continue with some poetry and a few non-fiction works. However, for those who are already typing, printing, writing–all the best!

November blooms!

Each  year, I do consider entering this amazing effort but this will not be the year for me.  Inspired by the movie I recently reviewed, I will “never say never”.

If you are looking for a film to watch, this bio documentary about Justin Bieber is certainly  one that will illustrate the importance of determination, whatever your circumstances. Yes,  depending on the age of viewers, there might even be a family movie night in watching  Justin Bieber Never Say Never. You will be seeing and hearing more of this young singer in the weeks to come as he has just launched a new seasonal collection of songs titled Under the Mistletoe.

November winds also bring with them an array of crafts, art shows and bazaars, all with the goal of providing  local, quality goods for seasonal celebrations–gifts and food.

On this past weekend, I attended one of these events with my daughter. With a survey of the various booths, we narrowed down several as possible return to purchase some beautiful items.  A couple of local artists, Tiffany Horrocks and Rachael Rector appealed to me in their style, using warm colours and textures . It did not take long to decide and I am thrilled to see that some of their work complements the new paint in our house!

Check out some local craft venues. Buy local. There is so much talent out there. Happy November to all !

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