Magic Words , published by VanitaBooks, is a charming brief story that portrays the beginnings of the Inuit people, a tale woven by pictures and words in a truly “magical” way.

Edward Field, an American writer, has translated the poem into English from the original spoken tradition while Ohio resident, Mike Blanc, has provided a vivid backgrounder to these words. The combination is magical!

A rainbow of gold, orange, red, grey, blue and green colours the simply sketched creatures as they journey along with humans. In a tapestry-like arrangement of graphics based on Inuit concepts, animals and birds and fish and humans move through the pages of earth years. Eventually, the Inuit people share this Earth with that community of life and words.

VanitaBooks has published a gem in Magic Words, a book that has potential for use in various curricula in school settings as well as a delightful story to share with one’s own children. The company steers profits towards charities, including Multiple Sclerosis.

This book will appeal to young and old alike as it retells an ancient Inuit story simply and colourfully. This is a great read for these snowy days of winter!

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