There is something unique about autumn fog.


Such a haunting backdrop for the golden leaves that hang on the tree and cover the lawn. This led me to write a poem. Here it is!

F O G G Y  O C T O B E R  D A Y!

When I look out the window

I see grey patches

behind gold splotches

on our silver maple tree.

Black branches

drenched by rain

seem to yawn and stretch

on this foggy morn’.

Note: This poem was written for a Wednesday prompt at http://withrealtoads.blogspot.ca/2012/10/kenias-wednesday-challenge.html . The prompt called for borrowing some words from another poem & then to write a surreal poem. Due to weather conditions today, I took a different pathway. Foggy, it is in my town today & I was inspired by a favourite poet, Carl Sandburg, who wrote Fog. Ironically, the words”swirl fog” quoted by the prompter, also set me onto this pathway. Thanks!

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