Summer is flying by. I realize the brevity of the season as the temperature dropped to an autumn coolness last night, calling for a sweater on an evening walk.

I also realized that it is just over a month since our street lost a good neighbour.

Annie actually lived on the opposite end of our crescent. Although she lived quite a few houses away, our paths crossed each year at an annual late summer/fall barbecue, hosted by a couple of our mutual neighbours. During the ensuing months, we would meet by chance at the local food store or mall, exchange a smile, a quick hello. Sometimes, we would wave to each other as we passed by our homes, driving or walking. We did, in fact, wave to each other as I drove past Annie’s place, just a few weeks ago.

A handful of days later, Annie died. Seeing her obituary in the daily paper was a shock and it has taken some weeks to process this loss to her family and our community.

In her memory , I wrote this haiku and made a little memory book. 

Wordle Annie

Haiku for a Neighbour

 I waved to Annie

sitting in shade on her porch

Who knew ’twas the last?

© 2013 Patricia A. McGoldrick




Seems like the snowfall made it official–winter is a-comin’!

With holidays being celebrated, stores are busy with people coming and going with packages of all shapes and sizes, trying to choose the perfect gift for a child or friend or family member.

When it comes to gift-giving, sometimes, I like to take a different approach by making a book, by hand, for that certain someone. This is fun to do when you have some free  time. It also provides the opportunity to reuse so many items.

One snowy afternoon, I just sit back, listen to some music and sort through the craft supplies that I have saved throughout the year. This includes coloured and plain papers; cereal box panels; strings, yarns, and ribbons; calendars and magazines.

Then I start to make some books like the ones  I constructed in this photo. I enjoy this past-time, a chance to upcycle and reuse materials, plus put a personal touch on a gift. You can be creative with the structure and contents.

If you want to give it a try, check out a book such as the one here by Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord in my photo. The author of this book has excellent free resources online, as well. More tips are available from Alisa Golden at her website. One example is a folded book.

These gifts usually surprise the receivers. Also, such a personalized gift is treasured as a memory of the holiday and celebration. Enjoy these December days!