Some days are just made better by the small things!

Image from Imaginary Garden with Real Toads website
Image from Imaginary Garden with Real Toads website


golden squares

frothy crown on coffee cup

morning bliss

© 2015 Patricia A. McGoldrick


Note: I wrote this poem in response to the photo that was featured at the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads website along with a few more pics for a poetry prompt by Karin Gustafson, a/k/a Manicddaily (also a/k/a Outlawyer on blogger) who invited writers to
poeticize something inspired by a breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, coffee, snack eaten out, at the local diner, cafe, restaurant, fast food joint, even, if you wish, camp site.


In the midst of winter cold, I received the link to a poetry prompt that made my day! Nature’s wonder, Lavender, is the theme of today’s prompt at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads website. Hannah Gosselin has provided some visual and sound inspirations.

Thought I would share a poem that I wrote about lavender some time ago at Poetic Bloomings. It fits with the theme for today.


the screen door slams

as I step out onto the front porch


lavender lingers in the air tonight

fills my lungs with precious pause


spritely sprigs of white and pink and mauve

replenished with today’s June showers

emit their secret scent to the night air

smile as they line the flagstone walkway and

border the garden

filled with white daisies and pink roses

that renew my spirit each year

on every summer’s day


now, after midnight

the moon hides from me

in a black cloud-filled sky

but I am reassured

as I breathe in the sweet mist of lavender

that lingers in the air tonight

© Patricia A. McGoldrick

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