Well, October has flown by! Hallowe'en 2015 was a quieter version of the trick or treating as our "pup" was no longer here to greet the young arrivals at the door. Despite the drizzle outside, there was a steady stream of bright costumes and excited children collecting treats for this blustery night.
In between leaf gathering and visiting a brother in the cardio ward of the local hospital, November has started with a warm autumn lull in the weather. That is okay with most of the neighbourhood as it just seems too soon to face the winter cold.
For wordsmiths, November is the month of challenges -- novel writing, poetry chapbooks, blogging -- you name it, someone is under pressure to write! Not sure which direction I will take but hope to get some words together for the month.
In this area, 'tis the season to savour apples, as well! I accepted a personal harvest challenge to make an apple pie similar to a recipe that I saw in an episode of The Chew. It was a special version that chef Michael Symon made in a tribute to a certain entertainer. My pie was more rustic and about half the size of his version but the recipe taste was excellent with lots of cinnamon & a bit of nutmeg.

For this month of remembrances, I, also, updated the header on this blog with one of my photos of poppies from Flanders fields in Belgium. Visiting the sites of WWI battlefields in 2006 was a moving and unforgettable experience. The enormity of losses was so vividly evident, still, after almost a century.
Enjoy this November recall of summer!


This week is marked by Remembrance Day and wearing of red poppies.

Wreaths of red poppies will be placed at monuments throughout Canada  and many countries in this 100th year since the start of the First World War.

In tribute to so many lives lost, I am sharing a photo, once again, of poppies that still mark the fields of Flanders. Peace to all.

Poppies Still Growing In Flanders Fields
Poppies Still Growing In Flanders Fields
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