Recently, I received an invitation to contribute a themed “word list” to a poetry site that I visit quite often.

I chose a “neighbours” theme for the list posted so colourfully at . 

In connection with that theme, I am reposting a poem that I wrote. If you stop by the link site, you can enjoy a few “autumn reads” by some amazing poets!



By Patricia A. McGoldrick

It seems to me that neighbourhoods

Are kind of like pumpkin fields

Sprouting through clay soil

Growing up

Spurting outwards with sprawling green vines

Budding and blossoming in orange sherbet blooms

Folding frequently at the tip of new creations

Freckle-faced green growth

Bigger and rounder segmented appendages

Turning to orange    Carotene taking over

Vines shriveling to brown

The autumn field neighbourhood is dotted with

Orange pumpkin balls of all sizes and shades

‘Til harvest arrives, then, here come the pickers–

Some of the pumpkins are gone to new homes already

But, for those who are able,

A few more orange globes are captured

The carving begins

Designers of all ages plot a unique face

For their autumn gold and soon

Moist seeds are roasted, then salted, not sold

The promise of next year’s crop rests in the field

With the leftover seedlings

Continuing from the remainder of old neighbourhoods.                      

 *Previously published in Cyclamens & Swords, April 2009.  

DECADE SINCE 9/11– Hearts to the U.S.!

Yeats Tomb
TOMB of YEATS Image via Wikipedia

This September 11, 2011 will mark the 10th year since our world was changed.

In the words of Irish poet, William Butler Yeats, it was “changed utterly”.

In this changed world, 9/11 will be observed in many ways.

The actual day is the Sunday the 11th but, as most are aware, media and personal memories are already clicking in to recall that infamous day. Wherever you were, September 11, 2oo1, will likely be your most memorable day of the new century.


Last night, in Canada, I saw this heart-shaped cloud formation in the sky, at dusk. It seemed to be fitting for a week of remembrance leading up to the 11th.

Long ago, FDR commented on the special ties we Canadians and Americans share as neighbours, however, we spell it!

Hearts out to our American neighbours!


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