Note: As I have previously shared with many of you, my trusty camera did not survive an unscheduled trip through the washing machine. However, until I budget for the replacement camera. I will continue to sort through some of my digital files to meet the weekly photo challenge.

Here is the link for a weekly photo challenge:

This week’s night time (varied spelling) has a certain appeal. The light factor is the major one for photographers, I suppose. However, there is another whole dimension of life and living on these darker hours of the 24.


Taking a photo at night offers a challenge, to be sure. One of my favourite items to capture with the camera happens to be the moon.

There are so many varied stories, one of the oldest being the lunar legends. Full moons, super moons, half- and quarter moons. each stage brings a new glow in the sky.

For me, there is some reassurance to seeing that light at night. Despite the turmoil of centuries below, the moon has a staying power it seems.

Gives me pause for thought to see this orb aglow in the sky.

Have a great September weekend, all!


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