Now is the weekly photo challenge theme as 2015 winds down.

This seems to be a reminder to be in the moment, to be mindful.

In the midst of holiday hurriedness, I found that catching a glimpse of the amazing full moon gave me reason to pause and to marvel at this constant beacon in the sky.

I took a few photos for recall!



Thank you! To all who have been following my blog throughout the year, I extend my sincere thanks for stopping by for a read. As I write this post, I thought I would share a photo & a couple of suggestions for a winter read or two.

This Christmas Eve morning, the sky was amazing with a huge cloud hanging over the bluest sky that I have seen for about a month! DSCN1523

For those of you who look forward to some holiday minutes to curl up with a warm cuppa and a good read, I would like to recommend a couple of titles.

  • A Desperate Fortune by Susanna Kearsley, an  award-winning Canadian author of international renown. If you like a story combo of romance  and historical fiction, you will enjoy this latest book by Kearsley. She is skilled at developing her story-lines in the present as well as the past, plotting  with present-day characters plus providing a cast of  individuals who are caught up in the intrigues Scottish history.

    Amazon Cover A Desperate Fortune
    Source: Amazon Cover Photo                           
  • Saying Thank You by Monica Vasa, M.D. is a timely children’s read with colourful nature illustrations by Alaina Louise. The story begins with a parent’s explanation to child of the word “gratitude”, the concept of being thankful. Throughout the day, in this story, there are so many moments and relationships for which to give thanks as portrayed in the vibrant illustrations of rainforest wildlife. The power of uttering a simple “thank you” is clearly conveyed. In a fast-paced world, these words are still much-needed.
    Source: Amazon, Cover photo
    Source: Amazon, Cover photo

    Best to all!

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